About Sparkle - The Cleaning Service

about Sparkle - The Cleaning Service

Sparkle the Cleaning Service is a professional cleaning company, committed to providing your business or home with the utmost quality cleaning, service and satisfaction.  We want you to feel great about a clean environment.

Listening to your needs and encouraging your feedback improves our level of service and care.

All janitors and housekeepers are professional, with experience of 10 years or more.  We service a number of homes and commercial properties that have been impressed by our level of service.

You can expect us to maintain your cleaning needs with no problem.

In our years as a commercial and residential cleaning company, we’ve come to understand our customers.  We create, execute, and customize plans specific to your cleaning needs. At Sparkle, your complete satisfaction is our goal and guarantee.

Sparkle the Cleaning Service is bonded and fully insured.  When we arrive, you will know that we are covered as well as you.

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